feeding-hungry-ghost-coverFeeding the Hungry Ghost
Life, Faith, and What to Eat for Dinner

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An irreverent approach to bring reverence into daily living — and eating, Feeding the Hungry Ghost offers global vegan recipes that call you to table, stories that make you stand up and cheer, and real reader takeaway by way of gentle nudges that aim to offer what we’re hungry for — a more vital self, more loving and meaningful connections, a nourished and nourishing world, and great food, too.

“Ellen Kanner goes far beyond the physiological function of food in this charming book. Fun, well written, and full of information, it is an ode to veganism and a new way of connecting with the seasons.”
Jacques Pepin, Essential Pepin

“Beyond being a collection of recipes, this is a book about living. Ellen is like having an elfin, white, Jewish, vegan Oprah whispering in your ear, It’s going to be more than okay, honey. . . it’s going to be magical!”
Norman Van Aken, My Key West Kitchen: Recipes and Stories

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