Oh, dear. This is not the post I wanted to write. At all. But I would be pulling a major punch if I didn’t mark the death of Darcy, our beloved dog. She was fifteen and a half, so, okay, not a puppy, not spry by a long shot even when I took this picture two years ago. She hated having her picture taken, something, I think, about the camera getting in the way of your face. She liked to watch faces. . . back when she could see.

She also used to like to dance on the mail when it came spilling onto the floor through the mail chute. She liked grapes, their cool, juicy sweetness, and popcorn, their satisfying, salty crunch — (we spilled them by mistake, she ate them with delight).

I could go on. . . and on. . . about missing her, about the Last Days of Darcy, but she was not about being a downer of a dog. I am not yet, however, quite up to dancing, or even eating, myself. So I’m turning to you. In memory of a sweet and soulful dog, eat popcorn, eat grapes and do a dance for Darcy.

3 thoughts on “Dogged

  1. Brooke

    I’m sorry to hear about your little dog. We have a “pet cemetery” in our backyard with our little mix terriers - Jack and Jerry. They have little stone, winged dog statues on top. They were brothers and we had them for 14 years of adopted joy and love.

  2. Ellen Kanner

    Oh, Brooke, what a lovely tribute you’ve made to your dear dogs. You were lucky to belong to each other. How has anyone else coped with the loss of a pet? I’d be grateful to know.

  3. Dr. LJ Rose

    This so touches my heart, Ellen. As the proud mama of 3 fur-babies (the older two are 8 year old litter mates) can’t imagine the pain of losing Darcy. She sounds like such a cool spirit. many blessings to her memory and I will absolutely dedicate my next popcorn splurge to her memory.


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